Getting the data

There are many, many ways to understand a problem – just as there are many ways to conduct research. Anyone can create a survey and get some feedback, maybe you have even done this yourself. But what questions should you ask? Do you know the right types of questions to get the best results?

What about speaking directly to your customers? Maybe they already provide feedback which you use to modify your product. But are you getting the right feedback, and what are the gaps in your knowledge? Maybe you think that analytics alone can solve all your data needs?

Know thy user, and you are not thy user.

– Arnie Lund

Regardless of the many varied and valuable research activities that we can undertake at Thoughtwell, we always optimise our efforts by selecting the right research techniques to uncover the facts that your business requires. We will identify and recruit the best research candidates, and undertake a range of techniques to suit your problem to maximise the relevance of the research findings.

Segmentation is king

With all the techniques at our disposal we will uncover rich findings that then need to be digested and segmented.

At Thoughtwell we cut the data in a number of different ways using to fully understand the implications of what we’ve found.

Then we synthesise the data into a model for maximum benefit.


We take the security of your business as our number one priority, which is why any research we undertake is done so only once all candidates have signed a non-disclosure agreement, guaranteeing your intellectual property is safe. Any research partners or services that are used in our research process are also held to account with binding contractual agreements, ensuring your data and insights are protected.

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